Do you want to control your music from your Nokia phone? Squeezster, the Squeezebox remote control.


8 March 2012: Squeezster updates available

An updated version (v.1.0.5) for Nokia N9 is available in Nokia Store. The update fixes the font issue related to the PR1.2 update. The update also includes a requested feature: music library rescan.
The N900 version has received a major update (v0.6.2). The server communication core is totally new. It now shares the same core as the N9 and Symbian versions. The new core enables usage of www.mysqueezebox.com. The CLI port is not required anymore. The update also includes improved library browsing, where the clicking on an artist now gives album and and titles. The volume buttons now control the player volume.

17 Feb 2012: Squeezster support on Twitter

Send a tweet to @squeezster if you have questions or feedback.

9 Feb 2012: Squeezster is now available for Symbian and Meego!

I'm happy to announce that Squeezster is available for Symbian and Meego! Squeezster started out as a small private project, but quickly became popular among the Nokia N900 owners. >>>>>>> .r271 With the introduction of the Nokia N9, I began to receive requests for making a Meego version. And now it's here! The QT/QML based project has made it to the Nokia Store (previously known as Ovi Store). But that's not all, it is also available for the Symbian Anna & Belle platforms (see note below). This means that you can use a wide range of Nokia phones for controlling your Squeezebox!

Note: Symbian Anna & Belle includes: Nokia 500, Nokia 700, Nokia C6, Nokia C7, Nokia N8, Nokia X7 and more phones.

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